10 Years of Horse Shoe Falls

Having recently uploaded a photo to Flickr from Horse Shoe Falls the other week, I was reminded that I have 2 other photos uploaded of the same photo, but now all 3 photos are with different camera bodies. Like with Cape Deslacs, I thought it would be fun to show the differences 10 years can make.

Horse Shoe Falls

This first photo was taken in May 2009 on a Canon EOS 400D body with my favourite Sigma 10-20mm lens. Nice flows of water over the falls being late autumn but the most striking thing to me about this photo is that it is under-exposed in an attempt to preserve the highlights of the cascading water. Because of this and the small 12.1MP APS-C sensor, much of the detail has been lost in the shadow areas of the photo.

Looking through the previous photos I have around this, it becomes apparent it was a sunny day, resulting in deeper shadows, which exacerbate the issues with the shadows.

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