Q: Why Do Your Available Print Sizes Vary?

A: Over the years I have owned a number of different digital cameras with various megapixel sensors. This along with cropping to adjust the composition will adjust the final output size of the image. To ensure that you get an excellent quality photo, I limit the maximum size that the photo can be printed to best suit the output size.

Q: These Prints Seem Expensive, Why?

A: Entry level digital SLR cameras are relatively cheap these days, however more professional grade cameras, along with the lenses can become quite expensive, quickly. Along with operating a business, travel, personal time spent, and printing, these costs rapidly add up.

Q: What is Photo Rag Paper?

A: These are the most expensive but highest grade of fine art matte papers, and are considered to be the Rolls Royce of all paper types for those wanting the ultimate fine art quality. The name originates from the days when actual rags were used to make paper, but in modern times are now made using cotton fibres. The term fine art paper generally means a pure cotton rag paper.

Q: Will the Print have your Watermark in it?

A: No, all actual prints have no watermark. The watermark is used online to discourage image theft, something I have unfortunately experienced. I will provide you with a page of information about the print on delivery, and you may wish to glue this to the back of the frame or photo for future reference.