10 Years on at Cape Deslacs

Cape Deslacs 2020 Evening Image
The evening sun setting over Cape Deslacs and Clifton Beach in South East Tasmania February 2020 (50mm, 4s, f11.0)

Cape Deslacs is one of that places that most people point at from a distance (at the other end of Clifton Beach) and some may walk to during the day for some exercise and take a passing interest in it’s ragged shore, but the real magic happens when the sun starts to go dip below the horizon.

I first visited Cape Deslacs in December 2009 when I was just starting to get into photography, armed with an Canon EOS 400D. I last visited it in January 2010. It’s fair to say it has been a while between trips. That was why I was excited to revisit the location with friend and fellow photographer Greg Gibson.

It’s been interesting the compare the photos that I took 10 years ago to what I am taking now.

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Revisiting Strickland Falls

Strickland Falls Aug 2018
Strickland Falls Aug 2018

Today I visited Strickland Falls on the foothills of Mt Wellington. This is the first time I have been actually there with camera gear since 2009, which was 2 cameras ago – my 2009 photos were taken on an EOS 400D, and I have since owned a 60D and more currently a 6D.

Below is a 2009-2018 slider. The first image on the “left” was taken in 2009 with my EOS 400D and the image on the right my EOS 6D.

Strickland Falls Aug 2018

In terms of the location itself, I am rather surprised how little has changed after recent storm events. Today the water was obviously a little lower, and the silt and small rock has built up as a result of the flooding in May, but this will wash down in due course, however most structures appear intact. Downstream is a bit more disastrous which much debris still visible.

A notable feature missing is the valve which sat atop the waterfall made famous by the Cascade Brewery. Whether is was dislodged by debris, removed by council, or “souvineered” by someone I’ll never know.

In terms of photo quality, an EOS 400D was a 12MP camera, whereas the EOS 6D is 20.2MP. I think for me the most notable difference is the depth of colour from the 6D, albeit the white balance is slightly warmer. Those MP count too, and at the larger sizes the 6D has a much sharper image.