The Tale of Two RAW Processing Engines

I am going to preface this post by saying that my experiences and observations should not guide your purchasing decisions. This post is about my experience only and that you should try the software for yourself and make your own decisions.

It’s fair to say that 6-7 years ago, after Apple discontinued Aperture, Adobe Lightroom was pretty much the only gig in town for combined digital asset management and adjustments.

That wasn’t too bad, until Adobe changed to a subscription model for Lightroom. No longer could you just buy the software and have access to your images for as long as the application worked on the computer – if you cancel your subscription to Adobe, you cancel your access to all your RAW adjustments and metadata, unless you can find a tool that will help you extract them or permanently save a copy of the adjusted image.

I also recently discovered that your subscription is an annual contract, paid monthly. If you cancel prior to the end of 12 month contract, Adobe will charge a break-contract fee of 50% of the outstanding monthly payments. Joy.

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Hands on with Sirui T-005SK Tripod

I’ve had a Manfrotto 055-XPROB tripod for a good decade now, and it is a great tripod, however weighing in at 3kg with a ball head is quite significant, particularly when you consider that’s 3kg of a 11kg bushwalking pack – over 25% of the weight. It was time to buy something a bit lighter.

Manfrotto XPRO-055B vs Sirui T-005SK
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